If your business has annual sales of $5 million or more, and need help growing or reorganizing your business let us help. We get in the trenches and GET THE JOB DONE! Our highly-qualified, results-oriented professionals have expertise in strategic planning, global business development, marketing, sales, operations, finance/accounting and information systems. Our major strength is the ability to analyze a situation and develop a simple, cost-effective solution guaranteed to produce RESULTS!

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We don't tell you what is wrong with your company - we fix the problems!  We will deliver substantial results in a quantifiable period of time.

Boosting sales in tough markets, pulling a company back from the brink of bankruptcy, or resolving issues stemming from a regulatory investigation are all the type of experience we bring to the table.  Even companies that aren't really in trouble but need a seasoned exec to help them through a critical growth phase may need a battle-hardened veteran.

We are productive from day one!  We develop a plan for success, then bring in interim management to execute the plan.  We can help you with...

  • developing a global expansion plan;
  • creating a strategic plan and executing a differentiation strategy;
  • establishing a marketing strategy;
  • writing a business plan or marketing plan;
  • complying with Sarbanes-Oxley;
  • executing a total ERM solution;
  • launching new products;
  • selling;
  • reorganizing manufacturing or warehousing;
  • implementing a new technology solution;
  • finding venture capital;
  • pulling you from the brink of bankruptcy;
  • formulating financial controls procedures;
  • and more.

 We can go so far as to take over your top level positions until we get your company under control.  Then we will turn the completed successful plan over to your executive team, once we are back on track.

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Don't confuse EFFORT with RESULTS!

When asked when we will produce results, we look at the clock, not the calendar!